Andrea McPhail

Vice President, Operations

About Andrea

Academic Background: B.Sc. Hons in Astronomy & Astrophysics, History & Philosophy of Science

Responsibilities Overseeing tax credit and grants consulting operations; making RDP’s strategic vision a reality; working directly with our clients to make sure they are getting great value from our services.

What attracted you to your career? I’ve always loved science and technology, I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always had an affinity for finance. Put all of those things together, and what do you get? R&D tax credits!

Best thing about your job: Working with a wonderful and diverse group of people, including not only the RDP team, but also our clients, whose various endeavors I find endlessly interesting. I also really enjoy having the opportunity to learn continuously through exposure to new people and businesses.

What’s one thing from your bucket list that you have done or want to do? Well, I’ve been a contestant on a reality show (I challenge you to figure out which one), I’ve performed with my band in New York and Tokyo, but I was most recently excited that I finally got to dress up in Sailor Moon cosplay!