RDP Accounting Firm Partnership Programme

A note from Brian Cookson, our President and Managing Director:

There are not too many value-added services like R&D tax credits. You have one chuffed client when the funds arrive on a successful R&D tax credit claim.

RDP has various forms of partnership with accounting firms. Based on a partnership of your choosing, your clients are gold to you and will ultimately benefit government-sponsored funding.

The Benefits of Working with RDP:

  1. Attract new business: speak to us about how we support your marketing efforts to attract new business for your firm
  2. Retain existing clients: when you work with RDP, your clients receive outstanding service and returns on R&D tax credit claims, grant identification, preparation, and the Knowledge Development Box (KDB)
  3. Through our in-house seminars, checklists and online/call support, your staff will be up to speed in identifying these value-added opportunities when they meet with clients
  4. You add a new service line within your tax practice
  5. You increase your bottom line through revenue sharing on R&D tax credit assignments


Accountants understand that knowledge is paramount. RDP offers free in-house seminars on all aspects of R&D tax credit claims, grants, and Knowledge Development Box (KDB) to keep your staff up to date. In addition, we can provide checklists for your staff to complete when they meet with clients to identify opportunities in R&D tax credits and apply for grants.

We’re on-call. Any time you have a question, we are here to help and at no charge.

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Attract new Business

R&D tax credits

Working with RDP brings your firm immediate new capabilities. When speaking with new prospect clients, you can offer a robust R&D tax credit service on the highest possible levels. Grant identification, assessment and preparation, patent box assessment, and claim preparation. We can also attend any prospective client meetings.

Every month RDP produces significant content on R&D tax credits and grants. This content can be used for your website, newsletter, or media outlets. You can also brand the content under your firm name. Most importantly, we will assist you with joint seminars to attract new business to the firm.

Revenue sharing

We understand how important your clients are to you. You have a trusted relationship with them. RDP has a revenue sharing model that works to your firm’s advantage. Contact us to talk about how we can add to your bottom line.

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Contact us to schedule an appointment for a Free Assessment. We can help determine your eligibility for tax credits and grants and share more information about innovation funding.